​​Lil' Bloomers Daycare

Love, Learning & Laughter

                                     Lil’ Bloomers Parent Checklist

Fees due at Registration
____ Registration Fee $50 per family
_____ First Week’s Tuition Amount

_____Completed Registration Form
_____Original Birth Certificate (will be returned, need a copy)
_____Immunization record
_____Physical examination record (front signed by parents, both inside sheets signed by physician)
_____Individual Health Plan (IHP) completed by a physician for any child requiring emergency medication (if applicable)
_____Medication Administration Form (if applicable)
_____ Sunscreen Form
_____ Photo Release Form

_____Extra complete set of Seasonable clothes in a plastic gallon zip lock bag (three complete sets for potty learning children)
_____ Lunch Box and Ice Pack (parents pack lunch everyday including drink, unless other wise noted for a “special lunch”)
_____ a Nap-Time “Napper”

Additional supplies for Infants and Toddlers
_____Diaper Wipes
_____Crib size blanket
_____Five bibs (labeled with the child’s full name)
_____Formula in labeled bottles
_____Daily baby food to include prepared cereal, vegetables, fruit and meat (labeled with child’s full name and date)
_____Sippy cups (2 labeled full name)
_____Can of prepared formula for emergencies
_____Diaper Ointment Permission Form
_____Infant Feeding/Diapering Instruction Form

Please make sure all items brought from home are labeled with child’s full name.  Food and Drinks must be labeled with date.