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Lil' Bloomers Daycare

Parent Handbook

Lil’ Bloomers Daycare
38 Bloomer Springs Road
McGaheysville, Virginia 22840

Daycare phone: (540) 289-5533

Email: toni.bowyer@eabreeden.com
Website: lilbloomersdaycare.com

Board of Directors:
Mary S. Breeden-Chair 
Peggy F. Breeden-Vice Chair
Korena Breeden-Vice Chair
Melanie S. Breeden-Treasurer
Kelly B. Voight-Secretary

Daycare Director:
Toni Bowyer

Program Description

Philosophy and Curriculum
The primary goal of Lil’ Bloomers Daycare is to provide quality childcare in a safe, loving, and secure environment for children while they are away from home.  The program is designed to promote the social, physical, intellectual and emotional growth of children through learning experiences that are developmentally age appropriate.

Based on the theory that children learn through play, daily activities will encourage active involvement and meaningful experimentation within a play-like atmosphere.

Our 4-5 year- old Pre-Kindergarten Class will be taught by a degreed teacher.  This class curriculum will be based on the Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning.  Basically these are “SOL’s” for preschoolers.  These Foundation Blocks are the things that a 4- year- old “should “know or be familiar with by the time they enter kindergarten. 

For more information on Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning, please visit: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/VDOE/Instruction/Elem_M/FoundationBlocks.pdf

Hours of Operation
Lil’ Bloomers Daycare Center will be open during the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Lil’ Bloomers serves children from Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, McGaheysville, Elkton and other surrounding areas, from the ages of birth through 10 years old.

Lil’ Bloomers Daycare Center will close on the following days:

* New Years Eve ~ Close at 4:00PM
·    New Year’s Day
·    Memorial Day
·    Independence Day
·    Labor Day
·    Thanksgiving Day

* Day after Thanksgiving
·    Christmas Eve
·    Christmas Day
·    The center will close for 2 scheduled days per calendar year for staff development and training.  These days will be determined and notice to parents will be given at the beginning of a new Year (January). 

Credit is not given for holidays or when the center is closed.

General Information
Lil’ Bloomers is owned and governed by a board of directors:

Mary S. Breeden-Chair 
Peggy F. Breeden-Vice Chair
Korena A. Breeden-Vice Chair
Melanie S. Breeden-Treasurer
Kelly B. Voight-Secretary

Lil Bloomers is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services; therefore this center meets the requirements for a “Licensed Child Care Facility”.  For more information regarding licensing of a daycare facility please contact:

VA Licensing Office
Augusta Professional Park
57 Beam Lane, Suite 303
Fishersville, Virginia 22939
(540) 332-9163

Lil’ Bloomers is an equal opportunity provider.  We accept applications for admission and employment from any race, religion, gender, nation origin, color, and creed. 

Care is provided for families with many different backgrounds and beliefs.  Lil’ Bloomers does not teach religious education, however we do focus on learning how to love, care, and respect our fellow friends/citizens regardless of their status or religious/ethnic background.

Admission and Termination Policies

Admission Requirements
Prior to admission, an initial interview between parents/guardian, child and center Director is necessary to:
1.    Discuss the policies, program, and financial responsibilities.
2.    Discuss your child’s needs in order to help ensure a positive daycare experience.
3.    Tour the facilities and allow the child to become familiar with the new surroundings and peers.

The following forms are required for enrollment at Lil’ Bloomers:
1.    Admissions Agreement
2.    Financial Agreement
3.    Medical Record
4.    Registration Form
5.    Medication Authorization (if applicable)

6.    Copy of Birth Certificate 
*If a copy of a birth certificate is not provided please see the attached sheet “PROOF OF CHILD IDENTITY AND AGE SECTION” as to what other forms of Identity Verification are acceptable by law.
7.    Photo Release Form

Registration and Enrollment
The maximum enrollment capacity at Lil’ Bloomers is 50.  Children will be accepted on a first-come, first- serve basis as space becomes available in each of the classrooms/age groups.  It may be necessary to place children on a waiting list until an opening becomes available.

In order to continually meet daycare expenses (salaries, supplies, etc.) we must principally enroll full-time children.  Therefore, as applications for full-time placement are received, spaces taken by part-time children will come up for review.  The part-time child will have first option to take the full-time space.  If he/she does not choose to do so, the space will be offered to the full-time applicant.  Part-time children will come up for review on a seniority basis, i.e., those who have been enrolled the least amount of time and who are enrolled at the least amount of days, will come up first. 

There are different types of enrollment options for Lil’ Bloomers
1.    Full-time (all day, 5 days a week)
2.    Part-time (all day 2 or 3 days a week)

*Please see tuition rate sheet for rates and more information regarding fees.

Registration Fees
A one time non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 is required for children to enroll.

Tuition Fees
Tuition fees will be reviewed annually. Please see attached sheet for updated tuition fees.

As stated on the Admissions Agreement, all payments are to be made in advance of services rendered.

If your child attends Lil’ Bloomers on a full-time basis (5 days per week), full payment is due on Monday morning for that current week. 
If your child attends Lil’ Bloomers on a part-time basis (2, 3, or 4 days per week), payment is due the morning of the first day he/she attends.  

Lil’ Bloomers will charge a late fee of $10.00 per incident for full-time students if payment is not received by Wednesday (for that current week). Lil’ Bloomers will charge a late fee of $10.00 per incident for part-time students if payment is not received by the second day the child is signed up for (for that current week).

Tuition and other daycare fees can be paid in the form of check, cash, and money order.  Please note the center does not have change, if you plan to pay with cash please bring the correct amount due.  All cash monies received will be receipted and parents will receive a copy of their receipt.

Tuition payments should be placed in the locked “Tuition Box” located by the front entrance of each building.  Please make sure each payment is placed in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, the amount and the day/week/month you are paying for.  This box will be checked every morning.  Please do not hand payments to teachers.  They are busy with the children during arrival and departure times, and it is difficult to keep track of payments during this time.

Returned Checks
 A fee of $30.00 will be charged for returned checks.  We reserve the right to refuse subsequent check payments.

Activities/Supply Fee
An activity fee of $35.00 will be charged to each child’s account, September 1st of each year.  If a child enrolls after May 1st, the activity fee will not be charged again that coming September (i.e., the child’s account will be charged for the activity fee at the initial enrollment time, but not again in September of that same year). This fee helps cover the additional costs of programs, guest speakers, and supplies used each year.  

In an effort to keep tuition costs and other daycare fees down, families will be asked to assist with fundraising projects throughout the year.  Types of projects may include catalog sales, food sales, flowers sales and other projects. The Lil’ Bloomers Director will provide specific information as each project begins. 

Multiple Family Enrollments
If two or more children are enrolled at Lil’ Bloomers from the same family, a full fee for the youngest child is charged, and a 10% discount is given for any additional children who attend.

Overdue Accounts
When an account becomes more than two weeks past due, childcare services will be terminated.  The child may be re-enrolled upon the receipt of the full past due amount.  When financial circumstances prevent payment of fees, a payment plan may be arranged at the Director’s discretion.  Failure to adhere to payment polices and arrangements will result in termination of child care services at Lil’ Bloomers.

Late pick up Policy
Lil’ Bloomers will PROMPTLY close at 6:00 p.m. and parents are expected to pick up their child(ren) no later than this time.  If a child is not picked up by 6:00 p.m., the closing caregiver or supervisor will begin to call the parents, and then all numbers listed as “emergency contacts” for the child.  Late charges will take effect after 6:00 p.m. at the rate of $1.00 per minute, per child.  This amount must be paid within two weeks of the late incident date.  If no contact has been made by 6:30 p.m. the police may be notified, and the child may be placed in their custody.  If parents/guardians are continually late for pick up, they will be asked to make other child care arrangements.

Vacations, Sick Days & Absences
A child’s regular tuition agreement amount will be charged each week if your child attends any portion of the week.  An exception is made for an extended period of absence, such as a vacation, or prolonged illness of 5 consecutive days.  For these situations, a parent/guardian can choose to hold their child’s spot with a charge of half of their regular tuition agreement amount, up to two weeks per year.  This time can not be carried into the following school year.

Parents must call the daycare center if their child will not be attending on a scheduled day, or if their child will be arriving late (after 9 a.m.) due to sickness, doctors apt, or for any other particular reason.

Immunizations and Physical Records
State regulations indicate the center must have medical records on file for each child who attends Lil’ Bloomers.  This includes immunization records, and updated records are required as they become available.  Each time your child receives additional immunizations, Lil Bloomers must receive information with the type of immunization received, the date it was received, dosage and physician’s signature.  Parents are responsible for notifying Lil’ Bloomers of any updates or changes to their child’s health and or immunization record.

Withdrawing your child or Change of Status
A two weeks written notice is required, should you need to withdraw your child from Lil’ Bloomers Daycare.  
A two weeks written notice is required, should you need to change the enrollment status of your child (example, going from full-time care to part-time care). The ability to change enrollment status will depend on availability and will be at the Director’s discretion.
If a child can not adjust to Lil’ Bloomers Daycare and circumstances arise where a child is not responding well to Lil’ Bloomers daycare environment, parents may be asked to withdraw their child.  Depending on the circumstance, the withdraw date will be at the Director’s discretion.

Daily Routines, Polices and Procedures

Arrival and Departure
For the security and safety of the children and staff, parents will receive a security code after the full enrollment process is completed.  This code will allow parents access to the daycare building (s).  

Again for security reasons parents are asked not to allow other adults (even familiar ones) into the building.  Each parent/authorized persons must re-enter their security code before entering.

Parents must accompany their children into the center in the mornings.  Upon arrival, parents must sign their children in. Attendance and arrival time is to be recorded on the sign-in sheet. Please allow ample time in the mornings to help with the transition from parent to caregiver, and for a brief health screening if necessary. All staff members are trained to make this daily screening in compliance with state licensing codes.  The child may not stay at daycare if signs of illness are observed.

If someone other than the usual parent or guardian will be picking up your child, please inform the morning staff of this change in schedule.  Make sure anyone picking up your child is listed on the authorized pick- up list. They must be able to show valid ID in order for a staff member to release your child to them.  We reserve the right to hold the child if verification cannot be obtained.

Your child will not be released to siblings or other children. These policies are for the safety of your child(ren)!  When returning to pick up your child, a parent/ guardian must sign each child out with a signature and the time of pick- up.

Parking Lot Safety
Safety is our greatest concern for every child.  It is the responsibility of every parent/driver to accompany their child(ren) safely to and from daycare.  Please hold on to your child’s hand as you walk across the parking lot and into the daycare.  As you enter and exit the parking lot please drive slow, stay within the red lines and be on the look out for the little ones. Thank you for helping our children be safe at daycare. 

Parent Visitation
Parents/guardians are a vital part of Lil’ Bloomers.  Custodial Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit Lil Bloomers Daycare Center, at any time, to observe or participate in any part of the program.  We hold an open-door policy for guardians/custodial parents.  It is necessary for the center and parents to work in close cooperation, to make your child’s day fun, educational, and fulfilling.  Volunteers are welcomed and greatly appreciated.  Interested persons should contact the Director. 

Home/Center Communication and Relationship
Parents will be informed of all schedules and policies that relate to Lil’ Bloomers.  Communication between parents and caregivers is essential for the success of the experience for each child.  Please talk with your child’s teacher/primary caregiver on a daily basis.  

Infants will have reports completed and sent home daily, detailing feedings, diapering/potty learning, sleeping patterns, and developmental milestones.  Preschool (2-5 yr olds) classes will have a mailbox.  In your child’s mailbox you will find newsletters, calendars, projects, and or important notes for parents.   Please be sure to check this mailbox every evening and return it to Lil’ Bloomers the next day your child attends daycare.  

If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to confer with the center staff, please contact the Director and or your child’s teacher to schedule a conference.  The center is always happy to discuss the development, needs and progress of your child. 

If there is any information that you feel is important to your child’s development, please let us know.  The staff members need and appreciate the help of parents in order to do a better job of understanding and guiding your child.

Behavior Management and Discipline Policies
Lil’ Bloomers discipline philosophy is children learn best through experiences.  The teachers will lovingly redirect children to help them learn to cooperate with their peers and to have positive, educational experiences that encourage and enhance their growth and development while in our care.  This should be accomplished by:

1.    Many discipline problems can be prevented before they occur.  The staff  making every effort to look for ways to prevent problems 
2.    Providing a variety of stimulating activities for the children to choose from.
3.    Using group management techniques, limiting the number of children in each play area to avoid overcrowding and to allow for sufficient materials.
4.    Quietly speaking to the child, getting down to their level. If the behavior is inappropriate for the area or materials being used, i.e., “We take the blocks down quietly”, “Walking only please.”
5.    Giving praise for appropriate behavior.
6.    Redirecting children to another play area, or space.

After exhausting these methods, the child is asked to sit in a “thinking” chair, which is a quiet place to think about what has happened.  The teacher and the child will then discuss the problem and possible solutions.

Any form of physical or verbal abuse toward a child will not be used as a form of discipline.  Physical and Verbal Abuse will absolutely NOT BE TOLERATED at Lil’ Bloomers Daycare.

Expected behavior is based on the child’s developmental level.  To minimize the need for disciplinary action, a few simple rules are established.  These rules set limits of behavior and help ensure the safety and protection of the children.  The teachers and staff will be firm, supportive, and consistent in their approach.  

Foods and Snacks
Parents are required to furnish a lunch and two snacks for their preschool/toddler children. All Lunch and Snack items should be labeled with child’s name and date.  Snack items should be labeled “a.m. snack” or “p.m. snack”.  Parents of Infant children are required to provide bottles, formula/breast milk, and baby food.  All bottles, baby food jars and containers must be labeled with the child’s first and last name and the date. In case of an emergency a ready-to –serve supply of formula is to be reserved at the center.

There will be a designated area for children to place their lunch every morning.
One staff member will check lunches every morning to see if anything needs to be refrigerated.  Please feel free to send heat up items (such as left over items from dinner and soups). Please send items to be heated up in a labeled, microwavable container.  All “heat-up” items must take 1 minute or less to be heated (please pre-cook frozen dinners that take longer than 1 minute to cook).  Lil’ Bloomers will not be responsible for lost or damaged plastic containers.  Please send in plastic utensils only.  We encourage the use of cold packs for keeping drinks cold.  We also encourage nutritional lunches, please limit sweets and NO GUM.

In the event that lunch is forgotten, lost or inedible, Lil’ Bloomers will have back up lunches available for a charge of $5.00.  In event that snack is forgotten, lost or inedible, Lil’ Bloomers will have back up snacks available for a charge of $1.00 per snack. Please note this is for emergencies only.  Extra jars of baby food/formula will be available for emergency circumstances for a charge of $1.00 per jar/bottle.

If your child arrives before 7:30 a.m. you may send breakfast with them to eat under supervision of a staff member.  No breakfast items to be sent after 7:30 a.m. (children will have their morning snack at 9 a.m.). 

Please advise the Director of any food allergies your child may have and make note of them on the admission application.

What to Bring
Each child will have a designated labeled space for his/her belongings.  We ask that parents leave at least one set of seasonally appropriate clothing (to include, socks, underwear, top, and bottom) to keep at the center.

Infants (0-23mths) will need 5 clean bibs (labeled with child’s full name in permanent marker), and infants 6 months and older will need 2 sip cups (labeled with child’s full name in permanent marker) to be left at daycare.  Staff members will clean the bibs and sip cups daily.

Please dress your child appropriately every day for outdoor play.  This is extremely important, because Lil’ Bloomers staff will try to take children outside everyday.  Please label anything that could be taken off during the day (i.e. jackets, mittens, hats, and sweaters). 

Children need suitable shoes for outdoor play.  Please do not send children in open- toe- shoes or flip- flops to Lil’ Bloomers.  This is for the safety of the children.  Tennis shoes are the best choice for the playground.

Children ages 16 months-5years of age will need a “nap-time napper” for rest time.  Lil’ Bloomers will have back up cot sheets and blankets in event that the napper is forgotten at home.  If a daycare cot sheet and/or blanket is used more than 3 times in a month, a laundry service charge of $5.00 will be invoiced.
Children can also bring one comfort item (such as an additional blanket, and or stuffed animal) to be taken out for rest time only. All nap items, will be sent home on Fridays (or the last working day of the week your child will attend) to be laundered, and brought back on Mondays.  Don’t forget to label nap items too!

Diapers and Wipes for Infants and Toddlers
Parents are required to provide diapers and wipes for their Infant/Toddler children. We encourage each parent to leave a minimum of a weeks worth of diapers/wipes at the daycare.  Each child will have a labeled cubby for their diaper/wipes/extra clothing and belongings.  Caregivers will let you know when your child is getting low on diapers, wipes, and other necessary supplies your child may need during the day.  Lil’ Bloomers will keep extra diapers in various sizes for emergency and back-up situations, if an emergency diaper is needed, Lil’ Bloomers will charge the child’s account $1.00 per diaper.

Toilet Training
Caregivers and parents working together is the key to toilet training success!  Toilet training will start when you decide the time is right, and when you feel your child is ready.  Once you start at home, Lil’ Bloomers will make every effort to begin the process at the daycare. During this training time it will be essential that you provide an ample amount of training pants, and extra clothing for your child.

Daily Schedule
Routines and consistency are very important in the development of children. The children will gain a sense of security by knowing the sequence of daily events. Our program provides for a balance of active, educational and quiet times for all the different age groups.  Outdoor activities are an important part of Lil’ Bloomers program also.  Please see the attached detailed “Daily Schedules” for each age group. Children are unpredictable at times, and the schedules are subject to change depending on weather, group size, and the needs of the children.

Progress Reports
At least twice per year parents will receive a formal evaluation about their child’s development, behavior, adjustments and needs.  Teachers will fill out progress reports that will track developmental ages and stages.  During the time of the formal evaluations, parents are encouraged to schedule teacher-parent conferences to examine and go over the reports.  Attached to the formal evaluations, parents will receive daycare surveys to fill out.  The surveys allow opportunities for parents to evaluate the center and staff of Lil’ Bloomers Daycare.

Toys from Home
In effort to keep personal toys from becoming lost or broken we ask that no toys from home be brought to daycare unless specified by the teacher for show-and-tell or other class activity. 

Guns, action figures, war toys tend to over stimulate the children and lead to rough play, we will not allow them at Lil’ Bloomers.

Class/Age Group Transitions
Advancements to the next classroom or age group will be determined by chronological age, developmental readiness, and availability of space.  Lil’ Bloomers will help make a smooth transition to a new classroom by letting children spend a portion of the day in the new room (for approximately a week) before making an official move up.  Please communicate with your children at home during this time of transition; this will help make the transition a successful one.

Birthdays are special days for your children, and we welcome any commercially prepared treat you would like to provide.  Please take the time to talk with your child’s teacher assuring you have enough for the whole classroom.

Health, Medication and Safety Policies

Sick Child Procedures

( This policy has been modified due to Covid )
Children who become ill while at Lil’ Bloomers must be picked up within 1 hour of receiving a call from a Lil’ Bloomer’s staff member, and may not return to the center that day.  This is necessary to protect your child and the health of the other children.  (If your child has a temperature of 101 degrees or higher he/she should remain at home for a minimum of twenty-four hours after the temperature has returned to normal).  If antibiotics are prescribed due to an illness, 24 hours of medication must be administered before the child can return to the center. The enforcement of this policy is strictly at the discretion of the Director.

It is the responsibility of the center to deny attendance to a child who exhibits symptoms of an infectious disease.  Children who exhibit symptoms below will not be permitted to attend day care until they are well again.

*A temperature of 101 degrees or greater
* Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
*Suspicious spots or rash
*Red, draining eyes
*Severe coughing
*Sore throat or trouble swallowing
*Infected skin patch
*Severe itching of body or scalp (Head Lice)
*Difficult or rapid breathing (especially in infant under 6 months)

Contagious Disease
Lil’ Bloomers asks that you please advise the center within 24 hours of any diagnosis of a reportable communicable disease or suspicion of one in your household in consideration for the health and well being of all the children and staff.  Likewise, if we become aware of a communicable disease affecting children in the center, a health alert will be posted.

Sufficient amount of staff will be trained for the purpose of administering medication.  

Should your child require medication while at Lil’ Bloomers Daycare, it is mandatory for a parent to completely fill out a medication administration consent form before a staff member can administer any type of medicine both prescription and over the counter.  Medication that needs to be administered for longer than 10 days must have a physician’s authorization on the consent form.

Medications no longer being administered will be sent home or disposed of within 14 days.  Outdate/expired medication will not be administered to children.

All medication will be kept in a secure locked container that prevents access to children.

Prescribed medications must be in the original container, and must be labeled with the child’s first and last name, date prescription was filled, medication’s name, expiration date, dosage amount, time/times to be given, storage, and disposal instructions.

Non-Prescription medications, parents must sign a written authorization form, which will expire or be renewed after 10 working days.  The medication should be in a child-resistant container, with the child’s first and last names, displaying instructions for administration, and storage supplied by the manufacturer and the expiration date.  For non-prescription medication (over-the counter), the consent form must be consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions for age, duration and dosage.

 All medication should be given directly to a staff member, to ensure proper storage and administration.

Anytime medication is given, the following must be recorded: name of the child, the amount and type of medication given, the date and time the medication was administered, the staff member who administered the medication, any adverse reactions, and any medication errors.

Sunscreen and diaper ointment can be applied with authorization from the parent/guardian indicating the name of the product, times to be applied and any known adverse reactions. Staff members do not need to be MAT certified to apply sunscreen and or diaper ointment, however written permission from the parent must be on file before the sunscreen or ointment can be applied.  Sunscreen must be applied by a staff member for children under the age of 9.  Children over the age of 9 may apply the sunscreen themselves, with supervision of a staff member.

Parents will be notified immediately if any adverse reactions occur or if there is a medication error.

Insect Repellent
Lil’ Bloomers will not apply insect repellent.  If needed, parents must apply prior to arrival at Lil’ Bloomers.

Because we provide a service to working parents, we try to stay open during inclement weather or emergency situations (if appropriate).  However, if the Center should close due to the weather, or for any other particular emergency, a special recording will be placed on the daycare answering machine.

The Director will decide to close the center, open late or close early due to inclement weather/emergency situation.  If the decision is made to close the center for the day or open at later time, notification will be made by 5:30 a.m.  If the center’s Director decides to close the center early due to inclement weather/emergency situation a decision will be made by 1:00p.m. Parents will be given a 2-hour notice before pick-up time.

You may also call the office for a voice recording, regarding the center’s operational hours for that day.

Emergency Preparedness Plan
Lil’ Bloomers has an emergency preparedness plan, to address the responsibilities of staff and facility readiness, with respect to emergency evacuation and shelter-in-place.  This plan has been developed with the help of local emergency forces and state authorities. This plan exhibits what to do in case of emergency situations, such as, but not limited to natural disasters which include chemical spills, intruder and terrorism specific to the locality.  Copies of these plans are available for review, at the parent’s discretion. 

Monthly Fire Drills will be performed, and a minimum of two shelter-in-place drills are performed each year.  If you happen to be at the center during one of these drills, we ask that you follow our procedures, along with the children.

In Case of Injury
Parents will be notified immediately of any serious accident, injury, or illness that would occur with their child.  When a child enrolls at Lil’ Bloomer, the parent or guardian must give written consent to Lil’ Bloomers for emergency medical treatment if the parent or guardian can not be reached.  Parents will be notified by the end of the day of any know significant injuries, usually in the form of an injury/accident report.

Updated Contact and Emergency Information is required at all times, in the event of an emergency.  Children will NOT be released to an unauthorized person not listed on your child’s emergency contact list, without written consent from a parent or guardian.  Parents must notify the Director and the child’s teacher of any changes in contact information, such as phone numbers, addresses, place of employment, and emergency contacts.  The Director will send home quarterly update information sheets to help with maintaining this very important information, and policy.

Insurance Information
If your child is injured at Lil’ Bloomers Daycare and requires medical attention, your health insurance will be responsible for payment of the cost of treatment. 

Suspected Child Abuse
Mandated by state licensing regulations, Lil’ Bloomers employees must report any and all suspected child abuse or neglect cases.

Lil’ Bloomers respects the right of each family and employees to privacy and confidentiality regarding all health, behavioral, developmental records, and personal information, such as phone numbers and addresses, etc. Information regarding a child who attends Lil’ Bloomers should not be discussed outside of the center.  Never should information regarding a child be released to anyone but the child’s parents/guardians; the center will adhere to federal and state laws (in this regard).

Smoke- Free Environment
Lil’ Bloomers is a smoke- free environment.  Please do not smoke in the facilities, and or in the view of the children as you pick-up or drop off your child.  Thank you.

General Staff Health Requirements
All staff members shall be guilty of an offense, as defined be the Code of Virginia. All staff members must be in good physical and mental health.
Staff members shall be of good character and reputation, capable of carrying out assigned responsibilities, and accepting of training and supervision. They shall be capable of communicating effectively both orally and in writing, as applicable to their job responsibilities.

All staff members must have a Tuberculosis Screening and the results submitted must document a negative Tuberculosis Screening. At least every two years, from the date of the initial screening or testing, each staff member shall obtain and submit the results of a follow-up tuberculosis screening. 

Staff members must complete a minimum of 16 staff development training hours each year.